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It's me, Jenny

I am a photographer and a designer. A wife and a mother. A traveler and a warrior. Offer me ice cream and we’ll be best friends. Offer me anything pumpkin flavored and we can still be friends, but I’ll be sad you tried to give me something gross. Pumpkin ice cream? My head might explode

I grew up in sunny Southern California with a big family. I was always the kid who gave homemade cards & gifts, so it was just inevitable that I would grow up to do something creative. I love capturing the candid moments in life and the little moments of love that people share.


Dayna Hedlund

"Jenny is such a talented, kind, and sweet human and it comes out in her work. She loves working with kids and is amazing with them too. She makes you comfortable and always captures the best moments. So grateful for her work & all the wonderful moments she has captured!!!"


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